Book Review: Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts

A romantic book with a ghost….. A weird combination; rarely something that an author would want to tackle however, Nora Roberts has managed it extremely well.

I had started with the second book and have been hooked to this trilogy since then. The prologue introduces the readers to the ghost named Amelia. She has been portrayed as a shrewd and ambitious young woman. A woman who knows what she wants in life and is comfortable using any means to achieve her dreams. When Amelia becomes pregnant the transformation that she undergoes is one that is commonly seen is women all over. Any woman would find it easier to relate to the character now. Her focus shifts to her baby and her maternal instincts are on a high. The feelings are so real and the author manages to make you feel her pain.

The story centers around two characters:- Stella Rothchild and Logan Kitridge. Stella is portrayed as a strong and caring character. Her character is human enough to relate to and her grief and pain is so well described that it is almost tangible. She loses her husband at a young age and the author manages to make the reader feel Stella’s journey; her ride from panic and distress to growth and independence.

Logan on the other hand is stubborn, rude and abrasive. He has a liking for the “unorganized” and keeps giving Stella much worry over that. Their relationship has been slowly developed from argument to playful banter to love. Their relationship is a beautiful example of “opposites attract.” Logan has a soft side for kids and he has a beautiful relationship with Stella’s two sons.

The writing flows easily and the book is fun to read. For any romantic novel lover this book is definitely a recommendation.

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