Book Review: Red Lily by Nora Roberts

Book 3 of the “In the Garden” trilogy, this book marks the end of this series. This series have revolved around 4 women; 3 alive and 1 a ghost. Rosalind, Stella and Hayley have been portrayed as strong and intelligent women, self-made and independent women.

Red Lily evolves around the love story of Hayley and Harper and marks the end of Amelia Connor’s story. Hayley is a single mother of a beautiful daughter named Lily. The character has been described as an independent women who has struggled through her father’s loss and an alone pregnancy to reach her current happy condition. She is a grateful person and constantly thankful for the support that she has received from her friends. Hayley bonds the most with Amelia having undergone similar life situations.

Harper, Rosalind’s first born is portrayed as a protective son and lover. He is a gentle soul who stands by his woman. He is a proud man and Hayley is his perfect match. This love story is beautifully described and woven.However the ending of the book feels rushed and abrupt. It feels as if the author was done with the book and wanted to end immediately after the climax.

On a whole the book is a fascinating read and definitely recommended to all fiction lovers.


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