Book Review: Come Together by Josie Llyod & Emilyn Rees

Come Together

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it has been told from the perspective of two characters. It is the love story of Amy Crosbie and Jack Rossiter. Amy is described as a typical next door girl who wants love in her life and is currently moving from jobs to jobs. Jack on the other hand is a struggling artist and a womanizer. He has a set agenda of attending clubs and “pulling”. Their love story is something that we can all relate to. However I wish it had a smoother transition. I could never really understand as to why Jack changes his agenda for Amy.

Both Jack’s and Amy’s friends- Matt and Helen respectively are two of my favorite characters. Matt- a cool lawyer dude amazes me by the advice he gives to Jack by the end of the novel. He is an independent and strong man and does not fail to impress me. Helen is a woman who understands Amy at several levels. She believes in tough love however some of her actions at the end of the book makes me wish she was not the one Amy was listening to.

All in all a great book to laze around with on a vacation.


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