Book Review of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Becoming Cover Page

The title in itself is intriguing. The book called to me as I have always looked up to Michelle Obama as an idol. Her poise, demeanor, and way of thinking have inspired not just me but millions of women across the globe. I have always respected her for holding her own while serving her duties as FLOTUS.

The first part of the book is slow-paced and seems like a drag. However, it is vital to understand Michelle’s journey before she became First Lady. Her thirst for education, support from parents and inner grit are vital components of her journey. Listening to her describe how her diverse neighborhood transformed into an all-black neighborhood is dismal. She makes you feel the pain and you can understand how it may have felt for a child to not really comprehend all this but know and understand that somewhere some change is occurring.

As the reader reads more about her journey as Barack Obama decides to commute to and fro to Springfield, they get to see a more human side of her. A side that errs, fails to understand her partner and struggles to keep up with his ever-demanding senate career. She hates that he is unable to give time to the family- an emotion married women all over the world understand. It makes her seem so human as she talks about her struggles both as a mother and a wife. Her description of them going through counseling as a couple has given thousands of couples strength to agree that they may have a problem and resort to counseling.

Her description of the Sandy Hook Elementary School is heart-wrenching. Reading about the blood-filled floors, the six-year-old victims and the agony of the parents is morbid. The pain slashes through you and you can imagine yourself being one of those parents; watching as kids run to their parents and you impatiently wait for yours to do the same. You can feel the depressing gloom that surrounds you as more and more kids reunite with their parents and you realize that not all will get a happy ending. The pain is palpable and the horror is so real.

The shooting of Hadiya Pendleton leaves you questioning your faith. Asking God as to what could a 15-year-old have done wrong to deserve this fate? The incident seems such a stroke of bad luck that it tugs at your heartstrings; making you wish “only- if”.

What I have most related to are Michelle’s feelings as she speaks about Donald Trump’s candidacy. I have relived my agony. I have wished and wished as I read this part of the book that Donald Trump would not win the elections even though we all knew what the outcome was. Reading about this reminded me of the questions that had sprung in my mind then- could we really be this foolish?

Michelle’s passion for child healthcare and nutrition is motivating. She has poured her heart in the story and you can feel it. She has written in a style that allows you to relate to it. Her journey is inspiring and has given hope to women of color.

I would definitely recommend this book.

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