Book Review: Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods

Written by Sherryl Woods, this book is about three women- Helen, Dana Sue, and Maddie, and their lives in the sleepy town of Serenity. The book is the first in a trilogy titled The Sweet Magnolias. They have a Netflix original series with the same title as well.

While the plotline is good and the characters are interesting, the book didn’t hold my attention. I enjoyed it on nights I couldn’t get much sleep, but it was never the cause of my sleepless nights (not a page-turner). I don’t believe the author intended to ever write this as a page-turner. It is a soothing, mild, and in some ways, a mindnumbing read. The book is perfect as an audiobook; you can comfortably miss pieces of it, but still, understand the context.

The book focuses on Maddie and her journey as her husband ends their 20 year-long marriage. Maddie struggles to come to terms with her broken marriage and gains strength from her friendship with Helen and Dana Sue. The friendship that they share is fun to read about, and life in a small town is appealing. As a woman, it is easy to relate to and appreciate the strength and power we derive from our coven.

I would give it 3/5 stars. It is a breezy read, but not one to ignite your brainpower.

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