Blog Tour: The Accused by Owen Mullen

When Private Investigator Charlie Cameron agrees to take on a cold case, he is drawn back into Glasgow’s dark underworld… Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron knew Kim Rafferty was bad news the moment they met. Desperate people always spelled trouble in his experience, and Mrs. Rafferty was as desperate as they come. What she was askingContinue reading “Blog Tour: The Accused by Owen Mullen”

Blog Tour: The Babysitter by Gemma Rogers

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare…All NEW from Gemma Rogers Ali and Christopher Tolfrey’s one year old daughter Eden is abducted whilst in the care of Ali’s best-friend. Snatched in broad daylight from Bushy Park on a trip to the swings, Eden disappears without a trace. Brooke Simmons, regains consciousness, dazed from a blow to theContinue reading “Blog Tour: The Babysitter by Gemma Rogers”

Blog Tour: What’s Not True

  Join Us for This Tour from September 15 to October 12! Book Details: Book Title:  What’s Not True by Valerie Taylor Category: Adult Fiction 18+  Genre: Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit Publisher:  She Writes Press, 321 pages Release date:  August 2021 Content Rating:  PG-13 + M What’s Not True has several sex scenes and some bad language. “What’sContinue reading “Blog Tour: What’s Not True”

Blog Tour: Will They, Won’t They? by Portia MacIntosh

When life goes off track sometimes the only thing you can do is go back to where it all began… Emmy Palmer is the star of Bragadon Forest, the biggest fantasy series on TV; adored by the public, living the life of glamour and luxury in London. But when scandal strikes, Emmy must escape theContinue reading “Blog Tour: Will They, Won’t They? by Portia MacIntosh”

Book Review & Author Interview: Valerie Taylor of What’s Not Said

How did you decide to write the WHAT’S NOT Series? Initially, I wrote What’s Not Said as a standalone book. It was only when my early readers asked, “What’s next for Kassie and Chris?” did I consider writing a series. Luckily, I could conceive of an ongoing saga, and thus What’s Not True was born.Continue reading “Book Review & Author Interview: Valerie Taylor of What’s Not Said”