Book Review: Black Rose by Nora Roberts


This book is the second in “In the Garden” trilogy. It centers around the Harper family and their family ghost “The Harper Bride.” The prologue is well written and sets the base for the plot. The reader will fluctuate between feeling pity and fury for “The Harper Bride.” The author has managed to make the readers connect with the ghost and she keeps you intrigued with the life story of the ghost.

The protagonist Rosalind Harper  is showcased to be a strong and independent woman. Having had two marriages, one successful and the other a failure she doesn’t let either of them define her. She holds her ground and slays her demons. Dr. Carnegie her love interest is described as a fascinating academician who strongly supports his woman but also knows when to stand for himself.

The bond of the Harper Family is beautiful and tangible. The family members trust and stand for each other. They are constantly there for each other and the conversations between them are well written.

An interesting read for fiction lovers. I would definitely recommend this book for reading.

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