Book Review: Black Rose by Nora Roberts


This book is the second in “In the Garden” trilogy. It centers around the Harper family and their family ghost “The Harper Bride.” The prologue is well written and sets the base for the plot. The reader will fluctuate between feeling pity and fury for “The Harper Bride.” The author has managed to make the readers connect with the ghost and she keeps you intrigued with the life story of the ghost.

The protagonist Rosalind Harper  is showcased to be a strong and independent woman. Having had two marriages, one successful and the other a failure she doesn’t let either of them define her. She holds her ground and slays her demons. Dr. Carnegie her love interest is described as a fascinating academician who strongly supports his woman but also knows when to stand for himself.

The bond of the Harper Family is beautiful and tangible. The family members trust and stand for each other. They are constantly there for each other and the conversations between them are well written.

An interesting read for fiction lovers. I would definitely recommend this book for reading.

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Review “Why Men Love Bitches” by Sherry Argov

This book definitely has an eye-catching title. Who are “Bitches?” Are they women with an abrasive attitude? Are they mean and self- obsessed? Are they selfish? The author manages to answer all of these questions and more in this book.

Women have for long wondered as to why are men romantic at first, and then change? Sherry has wonderfully put together a power-packed book that describes how placing yourself first automatically makes a man respect you. She focuses on the fact that “Bitches” are not women with abrasive attitudes; they are women who know how to place themselves first.

She has divided the book into parts on the basis of the attraction principles that she wants women to focus on. She states the attraction principle and then follows it with a brief description and an example.

She also mentions about the various interviews she took as a part of her research. I found it intriguing that she observed an important difference between the opinion of men and women regarding “mental challenge.”Men regard a woman to be a “mental challenge” for them when she is not needy. So they associate “mental challenge” with neediness. On the other hand, women associate “mental challenge” with intelligence. That is a huge difference of opinion that the author focuses on.

In the end, would definitely say this book is worth a read, filled with Practical advice and suggestions it should be a great guide for any women out there who want to be a “bitch.”

Review ‘Stars of Fortune’ by Nora Roberts

The New Yorker describes Nora Roberts as “America’s favorite author” and I definitely understand why. The title ‘Stars of Fortune’ tells you what the story is about loud and clear. No ambiguity in that. Stars that can make or break fortune. It is the first of a trilogy.

The prologue is well written and descriptive enough. The author introduces four characters in the prologue itself. Celene, Luna and Arianrhod- three goddesses, divine and pure and good at heart. The fourth character Nerezza, who is also the antagonist is portrayed as evil, power hungry and self centered. The author successfully manages to instill fear in the readers pertaining to Nerezza.

The book includes six main characters. But mainly revolves around two- Sasha Riggs and Bran Killian. Sasha- a Seer, beautiful, trustworthy but lacking in self esteem. Nora Roberts takes us through Sasha’s journey of finding self worth and opening the doors of her heart to love. Which girl hasn’t felt hesitations and fear while actually meeting “the one”. Sasha’s emotions are not foreign and definitely something that the audiences can understand and empathize with. Nora Roberts manages to portray her female characters as strong feminists without letting them be misunderstood by readers as femnazists.

Bran, on the other hand, is confident, protective, sensitive and every woman’s dream man. But he also has a journey of his own. The journey of trusting and believing in the power of love. Bran and Sasha are a great couple and complement each other. The author has kept a beautiful balance without letting any of them overshadow the other. Though sometimes Bran’s constant assurance to Sasha regarding her inner strength seems like a tirade.

I would definitely recommend this book to every non-fiction reader out there. It has a great mix of magic, evil, love, friendship and action. The book is available at for $10.27. It is published by Berkeley and has 336 pages with an ISBN 978-0425280102. I would love to hear your comments once you have read the book yourself.